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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Celebrating the Life of Pastor Sadie L. Lampkin

Who She Is

"Wife, Mother, Sister, Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, The Shoutin' Mastress"

Sister Sadie Lampkin is her name
She stood for Holiness and not for games.
She never met a stranger but would give you that Sadie look;
she'd tell you to get right with God
and told you what it took.

Sister Sadie Lampkin who can touch her style;
those hats she wore, those suits how they did fit;
those shoes she wore; Watch out now!!

Sister Sadie Lampkin you know she show did cook
so say it with me please "Macaroni & Cheese"
Sure wish we had some now.

Sister Sadie Lampkin how she did smile;
for she did love to laugh.
and if ever you were in her presence
I guarantee you couldn't be sad.

Sister Sadie Lampkin and her travelin' shoes;
she traveled her road spiritually
and she traveled naturally too.
A plane, a bus, a car, a jet;
but Sister Sadie was not done travelin' yet.
She had one more trip she had to make
and on this trip no one she could take.
For this trip lead her through Heaven's Gates!!

Sister Sadie Lampkin who she is, and what she was;
is a Great Woman of God
touching the lives of so many just doing a servant's job.

BUT NOW, Wife, Mother, Sister, Pastor, Teacher,
Fire Baptized Holy Ghost Preacher!!!
Sister Sadie Lampkin is sitting around the throne
giving God all the glory singing her song;
Well I'm saved from my sin
and I'm sanctified;
and I'm Holy Ghost filled
and I'm Fire! Fire! Fire! Baptized!!!!!!!!!!

Inspired by God
written by Sister Tamera Walker 11/06

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